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Josie George is an art student, writer and single mum living in the Midlands.

This blog is the story of me and my five-year-old son, Kai through words and pictures,  as we both explore the world around us.

Once a popular ‘mummy blog’, one of the top ten in the UK, Sleep is for the Weak has now grown and changed, as I have, into a creativity blog, specifically sharing my artistic pursuits as work on a part-time art degree. It’s used by my tutors to assess my progress and also for the wider world and other students to follow along with my development.

Most of my efforts these day focus on my professional writing services business through which I work with charities and small businesses, based mostly in my local area of Staffordshire.

Creative, daring, honest and different, I hope, Sleep is for the Weak has always aimed to celebrate those things about us, our stories, flaws and talents, that make us unique.

I really hope you enjoy reading.