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Featuring Magazine and The Twitter Key Project


It’s exactly one year to the day that I launched this little project of mine, The Twitter Key Project, so it was a lovely coincidence that today happened to be the day I came home to my copy of Featuring magazine waiting on my doormat.

For those of you that missed it first time, the Twitter Key Project invited contributors to dream up stories for my box of old keys, and tweet them to me, in 140 characters or less, imagining each key’s history. The results were eclectic and delightful and seemed to captivate the large numbers that enjoyed following each new key on the blog where I published photographs to illustrate each key story.



Featuring approached me a few months ago to ask if I’d like to write something about my key project, how it started and grew and about some of the stories the project generated. So it’s here in Featuring’s second issue you can find a beautifully produced article about me and the Twitter Key Project, featuring some of my images and key stories from contributors @casioree, @CWanderlust, @KrisWW, @ojos_no_ven and @greythorne.

Thank you again to everyone that took part, for those stories that I managed to publish on the website, as well as many more I didn’t get chance to turn into images. I managed about 60 keys and pictures before  health stuff meant I had to take a break, but I still have a  notebook full of your ideas, and I’m hopeful of a time soon where I may be able to publish some new keys and their stories. The big box of unlabelled keys still lives on top my piano and, as I wrote in the article, “I swear at night I can hear them getting restless, whispering of loves lost, tales of curses, treasures, and grumbling days of domesticity…” Here’s to sharing more of their secrets soon.

This and past issues of Featuring Magazine are available to buy online through the website. The magazine aims to showcase art and artistic projects from all over the world, accepting submissions from anyone with something creative and different to offer. It’s been an honour to be involved – thank you very much to Marit and the team for their kind interest.




  1. Valerie in San Diego

    That’s absolutely wonderful and gorgeous and I’m so excited to hear about this! Going to get myself a copy right away.

  2. Congratulations on your fame! It’s a fab project, definitely deserves to be publicised.

  3. I think you should put your photos and story snippets into a book and take it to a publisher. Include your adventures. It would be a great read and I, for one, would buy it.


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