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Yo Ho Ho

If you’ve been following me on Twitter you’ll know that the last couple of weekends I’ve been transforming Kai’s bedroom into a pirate den for his 4th birthday. My sweet boy has been such a star this year. I know I talk about him endlessly, but there’s a reason for it. He’s had to battle through his speech disorder, absolutely shining in  his preschool class regardless, and cope with a mum who’s not been that well at all. I’ve watched him learn to write his name, ride a scooter like a pro, do forward rolls, jump almost as high as the moon, and make his first best friends. Every single day he’s made me smile with his extraordinary HIM. His thoughts and questions and stories and imaginative play absolutely fill up my world. He is my companion through my wakings and sleepings and all the bits in between, my strength and my hope and my endless bewildering and exhausting and delightful joy.

So I thought he deserved something a bit special.

Happy Birthday funny fella.

Pirate boat den! The middle section of fabric pulls down to cover the whole bed.

The black cave entrance is blackboard paint for drawing on spooky eyes, spiders and pirates. Arrr.

Pirate dressing-up station.

His beloved castle has a new play base with moat. And a new shark to patrol it. You’d never guess I made that curtain too short and had to improvise, would you? Ahem.

Bunting very kindly made by @100707

eBay find!

Many thanks to my mum and step-mum for helping with the wallpapering and the fiddly bits of DIY. And all you lot for putting up with the endless pirate tweets. Thanks so much for all your birthday wishes this morning, you lovely people xx



  1. Love it! Kai will be over the moon. Happy birthday Kai, have a great day both of you. Cxx

  2. Love it, the fireplace is my fave, happy birthday Kai – have a great day both of you xxx

  3. Amazing. Brilliant job, well done – and happy birthday Kai.

  4. What a fantastic bedroom for your little man, I love the blackboard.
    Happy Birthday Kai x

  5. Emma-Lou

    Oh, Josie, it’s amazing!! Happy Birthday Kai! It’s lovely. Xx

  6. It’s amazing! Happy birthday to our antenatal club buddy. Lots of love from me & Sam. xx

  7. Oh wow! What an awesome job you’ve done, he’s a very lucky boy!

  8. Why are pirates called pirates?

    Because they arrrr.

    Love the room.

  9. This is an amazing room a little boys dream! x

  10. I love this. You did a really great job on it, I’m sure he will be thrilled with it.


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