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Need anything?

“I need a wee, mummy.”

“Right, off you go then.”

“Okay mummy, here I go. All by MYSELF. You stay there – you can have a little rest”.

Off he trots, pausing a second to poke his head round the edge of the door,

“Just shout if you need anything”, he says breezily, before disappearing again.

I stay put with a laugh, listening out for his feet on the stairs, closing my eyes to make the most of the two minutes precious quiet, until I hear calling from upstairs and go and investigate.

“You alright, fella?” I call up.

“Just checking you don’t need anything yet, mummy”.

“I’m fine, poppet”, I call back, smiling, “I don’t need a thing”.

Just you, little guy. Definitely just you.


  1. He is so scrumptious.

  2. That is just gorgeous love him xx

  3. What a sweetheart!

  4. Now that’s a heart-warming post if ever I read one!

  5. Gorgeous….both of you x

  6. He is such a sweetie x

  7. oh bless him, what a sweetie xx

  8. This is so damn adorable!! Kids are amazing!

  9. How gorgeous! It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your son.


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