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life in eight pictures

the not so good


pain. lots and lots


legs that won’t do as they’re told


 frustration and disappointment in my work


a withdrawal and a quietness I can’t shake


the better


patterns of shadows and lines – noticing and wanting to photograph them everywhere


finding new inspiration, especially through the discovery of magazines I love


feeding the light in my window with a constant supply of daffodils


watching my wonderful boy run and run




  1. beautiful, Josie.

  2. I have a weakness for daffs….can’t wait till the ones in my window box open up and I can see them through the window….hope you’re pain lessens soon x

  3. May the better bits outweigh the not so good bits :)

  4. HonestMum

    Beautiful, poignant visual poetry. Cinematic!

  5. David Milne @theghostshirt


    Spring from
    the cold mossy ground, sun and colour,

    Startling us
    from our winter slumber with rude tongues of green

    Shouting out
    about warmth through canary coloured trumpets,

    Stamens powdery
    and soft, gold dust beckoning the bee

    Sunlight, it
    feeds us all, flower, you, and me

    What can I say hope you start feeling better soon.

  6. Sonia Atkin

    The post is really colorful. Sometimes we catch different moments and feelings which are simply out of the world.  

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