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Knock Knock

My whole house smells of lilies today, and that’s because a knock on my door on Saturday morning bought me these. A huge thank you to the Flower Council of Holland who are giving away bouquets every day for 100 days and decided that I should receive some. Flowers make me a special kind of happy and waking up every morning to see a few more blooms opening has been an absolute joy. Thank you to lovely Jack at Cow PR for getting in touch and making my day.


  1. Gorgeous flowers, and beautiful pictures! This way we all get to share, they chose well sending to you :) 

  2. jo(e) 's page

    Beautiful. What a lovely way to start the day.

  3. Cupcakemum

    Beautiful. My favourite and they’re pink, my daughters called lily and she loves pink! I love yellow lilies they chose well sending you some :) 

  4. They are lovely, I want some! :)

  5. Therealsupermum

    Beautiful these would brighten up any garden or room x

  6. How beautiful. I miss flowers so, coming from Holland, where I would weekly stock up high, they are so cheap there. Here in the UK I’d buy some tiny bunch of chrysanthemums, nice, but not the same, shame. So I am jealous. 

  7. Oh wow! They’re so beautiful!

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