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How to occupy your three year old on a miserable Sunday when you have a cold and all you want to do is knit and drink tea.

You give him a bowl of giant, toddler-sized Hama beads and a dinosaur pegboard and while he does this…

Dinosaur Monkey & Heart My First Hama Beads Kit (Maxi) from do this…


Many thanks to Merry at CraftMerrily for Kai’s kit – her and her girls are accomplished beaders and Merry runs her own toy and craft  business. I hadn’t realised you could buy bigger beads for smaller hands and for my boy who’s into all things absorbing and creative (I wonder who he takes after, huh?) this is a real find (I managed to get this post done while he was busy doing the monkey – think you have a convert there Merry). Although it comes with pattern sheets to put under the boards to help kids match colours, Kai decided following patterns was for losers, and I’m rather loving his multi-coloured stegosaurus that looks a bit like a camel.

Great stuff. Happy Sunday, folks.

Postscript: It occured to me later that  ”STOP! Hama time” would have been a much better title for this post. I apologise. I can only blame the cold.


  1. My piece of useless info for the day – the chap who owns the distribution company who do Hama is also called Kai !  Love these big toddler sized ones never knew they exsisted!  Helen

  2. All 3 of my kids still like Hama beads, even my 11yo son.  We have a big square board and they like making up their own designs now.  We’ve had little ghosts, pumpkins, moshi monsters, football shirts, christmas tree decorations- all sorts. Just dont spill 10,000 on the floor!! 

  3. I’ve bought the dinosaur kit for my son for Christmas (it was half-price). Glad to see them in use. His older half-brother and sister love the little ones, I designed them charts for lots of the Mario characters and they had a ball. :)

  4. Ooo I haven’t seen big ones before (oo er missus) they look fun, as does knitting!

  5. He definitely is called Kai, the Hama Bead man. Gave me my first ever trade account; I owe it all to him!

    Your Kai looks like he has had SO much fun :) I am so glad he liked them and thank you for the blog post :)

  6. How fab are those!  Right, think I know what Bigger is getting for Christmas now

  7. Looks fantastic x


  1. Maxi Hama Bead Give Away Competition | Home Educating the Puddle Chicks. - [...] My lovely friend Kai recently reviewed some for me – you can see how much 3 year old Kai …

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