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Weird things found on the street: Bernard

Either a centuries old, petrified, mutant frog, possibly dropped by a Voodoo priestess out walking her dog, or a bit of old, dried root.

You can probably guess which one I saw. I named him Bernard.


  1. Sorry I think you are mistaken. Definitely lizard, not frog.

  2. You know you need to try to draw him… right? :P 

  3. Hello Bernard pleased to meet you :)

  4. ooh he is very interesting. x

  5. Bernard is FABULOUS, and I think he is definitely something to do with something Voodoo and ancient. If Kai gets bored of him I know some little boys who’d love to give him a home!

  6. Bernard is the name of the sock monster who lives in my washing machine. I’ve never seen him though, so he could be the very same!

  7. That is the plan!

  8. I saw Ninja Fighting Frog. As if you’d have a lizard called Bernard, honestly. *tuts*

  9. Bernard is delighted to make your acquaintance too.

  10. Ain’t he cool?!


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