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Writing Workshop Prompts: I wish

Morning you lot. Apologies that the last workshop on ‘gifts’ ended up a bit of a non-event. The blog being down and THEN the stupid mumps – I didn’t stand a chance really. Thank you if you still took part – I hope if you wrote something you still got something out of it even though we didn’t get a chance to share our posts on the linky this time. The new linky for this week’s workshop will be up on Monday (hopefully! Plagues and other acts of God not withstanding!)

(For anyone unfamiliar with my Writing Workshop, have a read all about it and browse old workshops here, or if you’re an old hand at this you can started.)


This week I want you to write about a wish.

It could be a simple thing, the first thing you think of – what do you wish for most? What does your head and your heart finish with when you say the words, “I WISH FOR…” It could be a brand new wish or one you’ve carried around with you for a while. It could be well within the realms of possibility, something fairly practical and mundane, or you could let your imagination run wild and dream up the most elaborate fantastical wish you can think of. You could write about a wish from your past – what did you wish for as a child? Have any of them come true? If your wish is something achievable, in theory, what is it that keeps you from it? Do you believe wishes come true simply by hoping for them? Or do you have to be a bit more proactive? How could you make your wish a reality? It could be one wish, or a whole list full, or three, even, if you feel like appealing to a friendly genie. Completely up to you. 

Tell me what you wish for!


Decide how you’d like to respond, write your post and publish it on your blog between now and NEXT MONDAY. On Monday come back and use the widget that will be up to paste in the URL of your post to share. Then, if you can, take some time to read some of the other entries and leave some comments. We’re not here to critique – just to have fun and support each other in our writing experiments. So be kind please. Anyone who would like to submit something via email, or even anonymously will be more than welcome to do so. I’ll post them on the site here and include the link in Monday’s round-up. And, of course, if blogging isn’t your thing, you could always use the prompts for private, off-line writing too.


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  1. Right p-dawg I am doing this this week. Mind you if you knew what I wish for you’ll probably regret asking ;)

  2. NarrowboatWife

    Lovely idea. I am definitely joining in this week.


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