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What to do when your kid asks you for a computer for their birthday…

“Hmm… now what should my first tweet be?”

(honestly, sometimes I’m so brilliant I scare myself a little…)



  1. Brilliant….not sure it would have worked with my 11 year old though…. LOL


  2. Hi Sweetie, I made the Dragon one of those, not as impressive as yours.  It was an inside out cereal box and I wrote the keys detail on.  For the screen though I added a plastic A4 wallet, the type which opens at the side and the top, so Dragon could stick into it (and then the screen held) whatever he draw or felt appropriate – quite a bit of cutting and sticking too and a few screen dumps from my PC onto this screen and change it as he wanted.  We kept a folder of all the potential screens he designed and he’d happily tap away and change the screen view for ages.

    He also decided to do weather and I’d get regular weather reports, with appropriate weather pictures of course.

  3. I like your style. Although my children would tell me to sod off. Unappreciative little blighters

  4. genius! Do you have any ideas for the real armadillo Ida asks for maybe umm.. a million times a day? ;)

  5. Genius. If you could just channel a few of your ideas my way I would be very appreciative. Thanks

  6. Awesome. It’s a Mac, I can tell. 

  7. Oh my word. That is fantastic. Well done :)

  8. actuallymummy

    I love that! Probably less likely to go wrong than my laptop. Does it do Club Penguin? ;)

  9. april

    Hurrah! That is gorgeous :) Same problem with the eleven year old though…

  10. mummylimited

    Are they stickers or did you actually draw those on? Either way it’s impressive. Of course his 1st tweet would be “Umm, hello, this is my first tweet. I don’t really get Twitter” Isn’t everyone’s

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