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You sat on my chair yesterday and when I asked if things were good with, you told me, in your voice that I could always use like a sonar device to locate you in crowds of hundreds when I was little, that you were more than well, that you were happy and in love and that life was wonderful.

And my heart went BOOM. Because I am prouder of you than almost anyone else I know and because I owe you so much. You, more than anyone, have taught me to keep trying and that life is not really about where you’re going but about the things you do along the way, and you have taught it me well.

Love you Dad. I am so glad the wonderful found you, because you deserve it.

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  1. That's really lovely. I really love the sonar bit. Words and pictures go together so beautifully too. Great lessons.

  2. What a wonderful tribute! So lucky to have him :)

  3. That's a lovely photo. And as always, beautiful words. Thanks for sharing

  4. That's lovely & wise words indeed.

  5. Oh. Oh goodness me. I appear to have something in my eye. *sniff*

    • *passes tissue* Sorry there, English. Good job you didn't see what he text me the next day! (see reply to Pippa) – I was a big soggy mess! x

  6. *sniffle* that is beautiful

  7. Oh, that is so lovely.

  8. Oh, sniff…you write so elegantly. There is a real sense of space in the way you put words together, just beautiful. And what a cracking photo. How blessed you are xxxxx

  9. If either you or your dad could see how similar you too really are, I think you'd giggle for an hour. Peas in a pod. x

  10. That is a beautiful photo and fabulous words to match. *sniff*

  11. i'm lost for words and am jealous that you have such a wonderful relationship with your dad. treasure him x

    • I do, thank you. Hasn't always been so good, I think that's what makes it extra-special now. I just feel very lucky really. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Really moving tribute, and a beautiful photograph too. Nat

    • Thank you. I like that my blog contains little dedications like this from time to time. Means I get to capture a little bit of those people that I love :-) Thanks for your comment.

  13. I have a tear in my eye. That is truly beautiful. A moving tribute and wonderful photo of your dad. x

  14. What a gorgeous looking man. Treasure him.


    • Isn't he. He is just the best. Complicated and flawed and funny like me. It hasn't always been so good between us and that makes it extra special now. x

  15. josnursery

    Lovely post. Very sweet :-)

  16. From someone that shared an office with your dad for a year…..he is soo very proud of you and Kai too. Your post will mean a great deal to him!

    Elsje x

  17. awww that’s so beautiful :)

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