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Writing Prompts: Remembering

Evening folks,

Apologies this is late up today. As those of you that know me well know, I have been slightly obsessively entangled in my knitting. “Just another row Kai” has become the new “just another five more minutes mum”.

Anyway. Your writing prompts this week are all going to centre around one theme: that of remembering and childhood. We’ve done similar prompts before and they’ve always been so powerful.

I don’t know about you but there is something about this time of year that makes memory bubble up from somewhere deep and still. Remembered smells as the Christmas tree goes up or as I walk past the bakers and smell mincemeat, or sudden flashes of recollection as I remember the Mr Men decorations that I used to hang on the tree.

So this week I want you to remember back. Your responses don’t necessarily have to be based around Christmas memories, but I want you to get in that mind-set, of sitting in the dark feeling the sack of presents at the bottom of your bed with your toes, or standing on the stage performing your first Nativity play, proudly sporting a tea-towel. I want you to remember what it was like to be a child.

Here are some suggestions.

1. Share one, pure, shining memory, plucked from your mind like a bauble. Or two. Or five. Or a whole cascading bunch.

2. Share a tradition from when you were young, perhaps a positive one you are continuing with your own family, or contrastively, one that you would rather let go of.

3. Write about an experience that your own child has experienced, using their own words, or their words as you imagine them to be, seeing something through their eyes.

4. Become the ghost of Christmas past – share a story from a childhood Christmas.

5. What gifts would you have liked to give your young self? Actual or metaphorical?

For any newcomers to our Workshop, here’s how it works: each week I’ll give you a bunch of writing/blogging prompts. Pick one, pick two, or do them all if you’re really keen – it’s up to you. How you respond is your choice. You could write 10 words or 1,000. You could share a real-life story, or make one up. You could write a poem or just free-write without thinking too hard and see what happens. It can be funny; it can be serious; it can be emotional. It can be whatever you want it to be. The only rule is to enjoy writing your post and get something out of the process.

Prompts each week take their inspiration from blogs, current affairs, daily life, or just whatever I happened to be thinking about that week. If you’d like to suggest a prompt for a future workshop then send me an email or catch me on Twitter – I would love to hear your ideas.

And remember! We’re not looking for perfection here! Just have a go! The best way to get better at writing is PRACTISE. All the best writers aren’t afraid to write badly. So turn your inner-critic off for a while and just see what words come out.

Now here’s what you have to do. Pick your prompt and write your post and publish it on your blog between now and THURSDAY. On Thursday come back and use the widget that will be up to paste in the URL of your post to share. Then take some time to read some of the other entries and leave some comment love! We’re not here to critique – just to have fun and support each other in our writing experiments. So be kind please. Anyone who would like to submit something via email, or even anonymously will be more than welcome to do so. I’ll post them on the site here and include the link in Thursday’s round-up.

See you on Thursday!


This Writing Workshop is brought to you in association with Mama Kat’s Losin’ It – who’s lovely author came up with the concept and runs her own workshop in the U.S.

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  1. yay! I actually wrote a post called 'The blog of Christmas past" the other day and not published it yet, that's quite handy :)


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