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Writing Workshop: Rocket Man

He crouches low, with hands poised, counting down numbers in his head that he doesn’t yet know.  Pursed lips start the rumble, louder louder. Until, it’s time. And pointed fingers lead the way to blast off, up and up, with feet following to shoot their way around the room to land on Planet Sofa or Meteorite Mum for brief refuelling, until it’s time to fly again.

He’s a Rocket Man,

no, a pirate…

…climbing his was to the top of his crow’s nest chair to stand with eyes curled round an invisible telescope, reporting back to the captain that there’s a DRAGON on the horizon, the captain who stands looking on with arms crossed and a rue smile at her ignored orders to sit and eat your dinner please. But there’s no time for that when monsters lurk,

cause he’s a Rocket Man,

no, a train…

…chuffing his way along lines in the pavements with locomotive arms circling round and round, picking up speed round corners and stopping for the red man signal with a high whistle, before green green means go go and we’re off again, head down, with his driver frantically steering him out the path of approaching freight-train mobility scooters and pushchairs. But he can’t stop, he has places to be,

cause he’s a Rocket Man,

no, a ROBOT…

… stiff arms and legs marching with squeaks and peeps and whistles loud. Until, of course, his power runs out and he slowly folds himself down, arms hanging limp, in need of an engineer to replace batteries and wind the crank on his back but who will make him wait, despite whispered robot mum mum mum until she’s finished this row and put her knitting needles down with a smile, wondering what she will find next in her living room – racing car, monster, postman, shop keeper, lion, helicopter…

cause he’s a Rocket Man,

stars in his eyes and the whole world in his sights.


Now it’s your turn. What song or lyric did you use to inspire your writing this week?

Leave your name and the URL to your post in the MckLinky below (the URL should be to your post not just to your blog) If you have the time it would be great if you could try and read and comment on at least two other entries.

If you haven’t had chance to respond yet, then you’ve still got till Sunday to enter your link! Or just wait till next week, when there’ll be five brand new prompts to get you thinking.


  1. Great post, Josie – reminds me of when my kids used to play "make-believe". I'm looking forward to playing it with the grandchildren now :D

  2. britinnz

    This is so gorgeous! I can just picture the scene of a child freely imagining, in intricate detail, being all those things. I adore the way children live in the moment and their fantasies seem so real to them. You've captured the spirit of childhood and the belief they can be anything so brilliantly. Love this!

  3. mrsljhall

    Brilliant post girlie – as always! Mine doesn't do your prompt justice, I may return later with a 'real' post xxx

  4. wonderful writing – i could see Kai really vividly as i read the post. I've written an entry for this week's workshop but Owain and I are wondering if we should publish it as it mentions some stuff we don't normally blog about. decision decisions…..

  5. Great post. I love way it leads into a child imaginative play.

  6. I love that song and I love what you've done with it.

  7. What a great post. I can see Kai in that post. Excellent. x

  8. Lovely post, it sums up little boys perfectly! Mich x

  9. fantastic post – remember that age so well when imagination can create anything at the click of your fingers

  10. Lovely piece of writing – children love to be whoever they want to be. Sometimes I wish I could do the same – have that adventure.

  11. You wrote about my son….beautiful!


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