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Feel-good Friday

Friday is a good day.

It’s the end of what has almost always, inevitably, been a long week of full-on Kai wrangling. It’s the day of my afternoon off, as Kai usually goes to Grandma’s, and the promise of some time to myself and a weekend together with my two favourite men-folk usually puts me in a killer mood on Friday morning so Kai and I have lots of fun together before I wave him off.

Today has been no exception. The sun has shone, there has been laughter and rampant chaos at the library, and an easy nap time. And there has been lovely news from a friend that has left me feeling all bouncy and prone to shouting out excited expletives at random moments.

It seemed like a good day to do the Happiness Meme that Susie from New Day New Lesson tagged me in the other day (Susie’s blog is GORGEOUS – full of light and positivity and guaranteed to leave you feeling all warm and good, would really recommend you pop by). Now, I should say right now that I am hopeless at being a good blogger and responding to these things. I usually get all excited to have been tagged, and then forget, so if you’ve tagged me in something recently and I haven’t responded yet I’m reaaaaally sorry and apologise for being so rubbish. I’m saving them all up for a week when I have absolutely no blogging inspiration whatsoever and need some subject matter!

But I like this one and feel motivated today so here you go, here are ten things that are making me happy right now:

1. My Secret Post Club

For those of you that don’t know, Heather over at Notes from Lapland has organised this brilliant blogging gift swap programme where everyone that signs up gets matched with another blogger and agrees to send them something lovely. You then get to receive a parcel from someone else – it’s like having a birthday every month!

This month was my first one taking part and on Wednesday this incredibly thoughtful gift arrived from my blogging buddy Paula from Battling On. It’s a book (that I haven’t read and that looks great), some chocolate (always a winner), and can you see the notebook? Paula has made me a custom notebook from a whole load of my photographs! Have fantastic is that?! Genuinely one of the kindest, most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. Made me sob. So thank you again Paula.

2. Daffodils from my husband

I could be bought daffodils every day and still not get tired of them (hint hint). Love them – it’s like spring in a vase.

3. My new coffee addiction

I have to confess I have been a complete coffee virgin up until now. I’d had the odd cup here and there but have never really been in to coffee, being a firmly committed tea drinker. However. I needed a solution to the the 3pm slump that is currently close to finish me off. I asked for some advice (from the people who will hereafter by thought of as my dealers), went and bought a cafetiere and some good stuff that mentioned chocolate in the taste description and I have to say, I’m well and truly sold. I am so annoyingly straight-laced, don’t really drink, don’t smoke, don’t drive fast or cross the road unless the green man is flashing. Feels good to dirty up my soul a bit.

4. My first load of washing drying outside of the year

Call me a bit sad but nothing makes me much happier than getting to hang my washing to dry outside. We have no tumble dryer so our winters always consist of clothes hung on radiators and tripping over airers dotted round the house. I have been known to weep a little at the sight of clean clothes blowing in the wind. And sniff them

Oh yes. That’s happiness right there that is.

5. New friendships that are knocking my socks off

Nuff said. Love you crazy lady.

6. Getting grubby in the garden

7. The Gallery

I am LOVING Tara’s Gallery over at Sticky Fingers. I can see that thinking of a photograph to post and  looking through all the beautiful images is going to quickly become a highlight of my week.

8. A very successful Health Visitor visit on Wednesday

I shall be blogging all about that one next week so stay tuned.

9. You lot

Every single one of you that has taken the time to comment on a post, or taken part in the workshop, or made my day with a lovely message or email (yep, I’m talking about you Amity, Dara, Susie, Maddy, Cait, Leslieanne, Linda, Tara…) and everyone else that’s gone out of their way to say something affirming and kind and supportive. It means the world to me, it really, really does. So thank you.

10. My signing, mooing, grinning, wonderful boy

This was supposed to be entered in the Just Vlog it challenge the other week but we just didn’t get organised! Isn’t he just the best?!

And on that note… Happy Friday everyone!

I’m tagging some new-to-me bloggers who’ve posts I’ve really enjoyed reading recently:

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Tell me ten things that make YOU happy and pass it on!


  1. That’s a fabulous list and I adore all the photos too!

    • Thanks Rosie! My camera is becoming slightly like an extra appendage… I don’t seem to be able to put it down!

  2. Well, you have just inadvertently found the best ‘distraction from tantrums’ EVER. Jamie has now watched the video of Kai eight times … and is requesting more. Oh, and hysteria post the “if-you-put-your-fingers-up-the-cat’s-bottom-you-will-have-to-wash-them” fiasco is forgotten entirely. Brilliant. Thank you xxx

  3. Lovely! I too am a fan of the washing line, I have a lovely photo somewhere of Bonus Boy’s brightly coloured nappies flapping all in a line which makes me almost faint with joy…you have prompted me to look for it! I also got distracted for more time than I should’ve by your wonderful photo album…bloody marvellous. Can’t comment on them all or the kids will starve!

  4. ooh thank you for tagging me! :D I shall get thinking. All yours were excellent, they all make me happy! Kai is just adorable by the way!

  5. potentialmummyb

    Aww, how incredibly cute is Kai!?

    I love this post (not least because you’ve tagged me in it – thank you so much… much excitement going on here!) but because I’ve heard your voice for the first time. I know you’ve probably had other vlogs on here but I haven’t managed to watch any of them. Your voice wasn’t what I was expecting at all! I know that’s weird to say but I imagined your voice to be different! It’s lovely by the way – that’s not a bad thing!

    Oh, and before I forget (you can tell I’m excited about the tagging thing, I’m gabbling!) my update on facebook for the past week has been that I’m excited about being able to dry my washing outdoors! I don’t care how sad that makes me (us), it’s a magical day when the airer gets packed away, the clothes line wiped down and the first load of washing goes outside! Woo!

    Right, enough innane chatter. I’m off to decide my top ten happy making things! (Thanks again, seriously!)


  6. Its impossible to think of 10 but thinks that make me happy are the smallest of things like my 2 yo saying, ‘you’re welcome’ after I have said, ‘Thank you’. Anything to do with my children makes me happy, sorry I will change that. Anything they do that is well mannered and thuoghtful I am happy about and remind myself to dwell on those rather than the ‘cheeky monkey’ stuff. Work also makes me happy as it makes others happy and finally my OH bought me a big packet of home made fudge and that, well I cannot describe that happiness. Josie, have a fantastic weekend and long may happy stuff happen.

  7. We have very similar ideas of happiness, but no to the coffee. I am like the duracel bunny on E when I have had a cafinated Coffee.

  8. hotcrossmum

    A great ‘happy’ list and beautiful pics. I am SO with you on the washing on the line. Can’t beat that. Here’s to continued happy things.

  9. What a great posting. Loved the daffodils — they are so much fun, aren’t they! What great clothespins. I should tell my friend Heather, who loves all things pink, about those!

    Happy Day!

  10. I love your list – it’s made me feel all warm and fluffy x

  11. Love the signing – genius Kai!

  12. What a great list. That personalised notebook is fab and loved Kai’s signing. :0)

  13. isadori

    lovely list and what a gorgeous boy you have! He’s adorable :-)

  14. auntiesteve

    I am becoming a regular reader of your blog. I have a facination about people and how they behave. I’ve also picked up a few tips that I could pass on to friends and family.

  15. Loving your list, the washing line, getting grubby, the fantastic Secret pressie – amazing and very tempting but don’t know if I’d be that clever! (ie notebook) and Kai and his signing was just the cherry on the cake. Beautiful boy!
    .-= Marianne´s last blog ..Mari’s night in =-.

  16. Gladness. Lots of gladness. I like that. And that book is brilliant BTW Enjoy :)

  17. What a feelgood list. And I’m definitely with you on the coffee!

  18. beautiful xx

  19. Welcome to the world of coffee. I’ll send you over some of the Bosnian hard stuff which will really put you on the road to ruin. (I love Bosnian coffee, strong, dark, keeps you awake for days after).

    Lovely list. x

  20. Hey! I hope you’ve stopped shouting expletives by now! :-) I’m still doing it, of course. Glad to have cheered you up.
    That video was very cute! I like daffodils for the Spring factor, but I don’t like the smell.

  21. Loved the list! So glad you took the time to do it. Bet it made you feel better!

  22. The video is brilliant – I really enjoyed watching that :)

  23. Oh my goodness, I am ridiculously pleased to have been tagged not least because I need some post inspiration! What a lovely list Josie and beautiful photos. I am a lover of daffs too and having had a few bunches these last few weeks can recommend M&S’s as the best flower and longest lasting. Got 2 bunches at 99p each this week which have spread to 4 vases (inc. some in the loo) & they make me very smiley!

    Kai is soooo cute. What a sweetheart.

    MD xx

  24. youngmummy

    I’ve only just watched your video and am now officially in love with Kai! What a star. And no hesitation at all with those signs and animal sounds. Makes me so excited about my own little ones starting to learn to communicate. x

  25. what a fabulous feel good post. I love that notebook Paula made, incredible.

  26. I love the notebook! (sorry, not original, seeing Heather’s comment, but I really do). I want one!!!


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