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The In-between Bit

So here we are. In this post-Christmas, pre-New Year inbetween bit which I think should have a special name but I can’t think of one. Possibly Leftovers Week, or Tripping-Over-Piles-of-Presents Week, or Kai-Will-Not-Stop-Screaming-Unless-Thomas-Is-On Week. Yes, one of them. Only wittier.

How was yours then? Cause mine pretty much rocked. I’m serious – this has been the best Christmas ever. You know ever so often the planets just seem to align for a moment in a mystical combination that means no one gets ill and nothing gets broken and Kai sleeps through the night for five nights out of seven (oh YES!) and everything, just for a moment, is perfect? It’s been one of THOSE Christmases.

I have lived off delicious food served by lovely people that I didn’t have to make. I have had frequent, long naps. I have received new books and things to make me beautiful and TWO pairs of slippers. I have eaten more Christmas meats than should probably be legal.

And most importantly, I got to see my boy’s face look like this:

Kai and Trainand this…

Kai and helicopterand this…

Kai and presentand THIS…

Kai and ambulance

Needless to say he’s had a brilliant time. He found the present opening bit slightly overwhelming though it has to be said. Because in the toddler mind it of course goes:

“Oooh look a present! I shall unwrap it – I am good at that. HOLY FRICK IT’S A TRAIN!!!! *uncontrollable excitement* I must play with it IMMEDIATELY! Get it out the box dad get it out the box dad get it out the box dad… oh this is amazing. What? Another present? But I’m playing with this one! Give me half an hour or so to gaze at it adoringly and I’ll be right with you…”

After three or four of these he was almost catatonic with the sheer wonder of it all and had to go and have a little lie down for a bit. (In his nap castle… did I tell you he had a NAP CASTLE?! That I can fit in?!!!)

Nap Castle

And of course there was the digger. The real life oh-my-god-I-think-I-just-pooed-my-nappy-I’m-so-excited digger.


We’re still going. There are presents to unwrap today, and probably tomorrow too. I have never known such a lucky little boy – thank you so much to all of you that made it so special for him (and by association, so special for me).

We have another busy couple of days ahead of family, food, fun and other things beginning with F. Festivity? Frankincense? Who knows…

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and are now nicely fat and jolly from mince pie eating and general festive cheer.

See you in a few days xx


  1. Glad you had a good time. We did too! And your right we need an official name for this period! We also spread our gifts over a few days BTW.

    • @Pippa, Glad you had a good Christmas! I think the official name is now “Twixtmas” – see Tasha’s comment below! x

  2. Awww :) Beautiful honey, absolutely beautiful :) You so deserved that
    .-= april´s last blog ..for @porridgebrain who loves toast and deserves this.. =-.

  3. We had a brilliant Christmas too.What a lucky boy Kai is? Mia had very little from us and most was 2nd hand.Glad your getting more sleep and you sound more ‘cheery’.Looking forward to joining in the writing workshop next year.
    .-= Alybean´s last blog ..Blog Sweet Blog =-.

    • @Alybean, Glad you had a good Christmas too! Kai is extremely lucky and very spoiled by his grandparents! But I bet your three loved their presents just as much :) x

  4. Ah, sounds brilliant and the pictures are fantastic. We had similar. One of my best Christmas Days ever. Though I think I might have been a bit more excited than Gertie herself. And it is total bliss having someone else do all the work! Happy new year.
    .-= Theresa´s last blog ..Sleep is for the Drunk =-.

    • @Theresa, Hee hee – yes I think my excitement was definitely slightly more than Kai’s at times who remained a little bemused by the whole thing! Glad yours was fab too x

  5. Now that digger looks cool! And we have that helicopter, it vame as part of a garage set. You’ll be pleased to know it’s still going strong after three years!! Our Christmas was good, my daughter had a fantastic time and is still very over-excited. I need a holiday!
    .-= Rosie Scribble´s last blog ..No Diet Day =-.

  6. Sounds really wonderful. The in-between bit is called Twixtmas – see – a lovely idea to fill the five days between Christmas and New Year, though I always (well, this year and last year) forget.
    .-= Coding Mamma (Tasha)´s last blog ..Season’s Greetings =-.

  7. There are still two presents under our tree. It was just all a little bit too much, I guess.
    I love the digger. Could use one myself to drive around the garden.
    .-= Metropolitan Mum´s last blog ..Merry Christmas! =-.

  8. We are so like that infact the last pressies were only opened yesterday. I like draggin it out. We are off to party at the Clubs Childrens Do tonight, so that should be fun, although I am full of cold.

    I am so pleased that sleep is now coming on a regular basis, it really does make all of it bearable
    .-= TheMadHouse´s last blog ..A Home Made Christmas =-.

    • @TheMadHouse, It has made a HUGE difference – the best present we could have asked for. Sorry you’ve been feeling a bit under the weather. Hope the Minimads enjoyed the party! x

  9. A nap castle? what a fabulous idea! Sounds like a great time was had by all.
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..The Naked Christmas Party =-.

    • @Heather, The nap castle is GENIUS that’s what it is. It may have been a regular castle which we have designated for naps… I should patent it!! x

  10. OMG! no one show louis that digger. you should see how small the one i found for him was. (pic on bwb….)

    glad you had a great time. that sleeping sounds out of this world…. tell me more about what you did! please!!
    .-= babieswhobrunch´s last blog ..More sprouts! =-.

  11. That digger is amazing! The Bear’s still got loads of presents to open, he got a bit overwhelmed on Christmas and Boxing Day with so many new things so we’ve kept some back for later this week.
    Sounds like the sleeping’s going brilliantly! I’m so pleased.
    .-= Baking Mad Mama´s last blog ..Three years ago today… =-.

  12. Sounds like you had a lovely time and Kai looks so excited in those pictures bless him. My 18 month old still has some to open too. Four year old had all his ripped open in no time. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas! x
    .-= Emily O´s last blog ..Our first week as five =-.

  13. OMG, my boys would love that digger!

    I’m so glad you had a good Christmas, with sleep too! The photos are lovely. Kai looks so grown up :-)

    (Twixtmas! What a great idea. Thanks Tasha)!
    .-= SandyCalico´s last blog ..Stir Crazy =-.

  14. Aw. Isn’t Kai gorgeous?! Glad you had such a great Christmas and lots of sleep. :-)

  15. Glad you had such a lovely time and so much SLEEP! Nothing like sleep to make the world look like a special and lovely place.

    We had a great Christmas too, no tummy bugs, lots of hanging out by the fire, lots of new Lego to play with. I think the kids enjoyed it too ;)
    .-= Victoria´s last blog ..Yet another post about potty training… =-.

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